Outreach & Member Care

Our Outreach & Member Care team of specialists are just a phone call away to help answer any questions or needs you have. Whether it’s membership, living arrangement or foundation-related, we’re here to help you!

Specialists are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET. Please contact Membership Support, Outreach and Member Care:
(800) 321-9357 or email us at masonsupport@michiganmasons.org

The Help You Need

No matter your age, where you choose to make your home, or whether calling for yourself or a loved one, we are here to help you access the information and services our members need. Our team of knowledgeable information and referral specialists are just a phone call away.

You might not need us today, but when you do, contact us. Specialists are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET.

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Live Better At Home

Live Better At Home™ is an information and referral program provided by Masonic Pathways, located in Alma, Michigan. This service is available to all Michigan Masons and members of OES, no matter their age or where they reside. When you contact us by phone or online, our dedicated specialists will discuss your specific concerns and customize a solution meant to help you improve your situation.

Help, Support, Advice and Guidance

  • Advice & Referral Service – Receive free, confidential, and trusted advice from certified information and referral specialists.
  • Live Better at Home Drug Discount Card – For those who do not have prescription insurance, we encourage you to use this drug discount card for cost savings on most of your prescription drug needs.
  • Support, Advocacy & Navigation – Our specialists will provide mentorship and support to help you access the recommended services.
  • Follow Up – Our specialists will follow up with you to make sure you received and are satisfied with the services, information, and support you obtained.

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Masonic Sweethearts

When a man becomes a Mason, he does more than just join a fraternity of men; he becomes a Brother, a member of a family with roots planted firmly in honor and tradition. As a Brother, he is tasked with caring for those members of his family who most need his support, especially the widows of his fellow Masons.

Caring for Masonic Sweethearts is an obligation Masons take seriously. Whether they are shoveling a snowy path or delivering a holiday gift basket to a Sweetheart in their community, Michigan Masons take pride in honoring the legacy of their departed Brethren. A Masonic Sweetheart should never have to worry she is alone, or that because her husband is gone, she is forgotten.

As a Masonic Sweetheart, you hold a special place within the Michigan Masonic family. You supported your husband throughout his life, and now the Fraternity is here to support you. Perhaps you need a hand around the house or getting to and from a medical appointment. Maybe your needs are greater, and you need someone to help you make arrangements for in-home services. No matter where you choose to make your home, the Live Better at Home team is ready to help you navigate today’s increasingly complex system of family and healthcare services.

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Meet Our Lodge Success Team

The Lodge Success Team provides the highest level of support in strategically identified areas to help build lodge success at the local level. The program is customized to provide your lodge with a Lodge Success Team Specialist to facilitate candid and open conversations regarding the status of your lodge. The specialist works to identify your lodge strengths, as well as the areas where improvements and opportunities will enable it to grow and succeed. Together with the Lodge Success Specialist, the Lodge Success Team will be able to develop solutions to help grow and enhance your lodge.

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