Student Scholarship Matching Grants

The Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation provides support towards Masonic Lodges and Students throughout Michigan by matching funds up to $1,500 per fiscal year.

For additional assistance or inquiries of programs eligible towards matching funds, please contact the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation by emailing or by calling the Foundation office at (800) 994‑7400.

Grant Details

The Foundation offers grants to students and community charities in need in a variety of ways: through its B.E.S.T. Grant program, Community Charities Matching program, Scholarship Matching Grants program, and more. For additional information, please visit the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation here.

Student Scholarship Matching Grants Resources

Help or questions?

If you have any questions or need help requesting more information, please contact:

Membership Support, Outreach and Member Care
(800) 321-9357

Find a Lodge


You must reach out to a local Lodge. They determine who receives the scholarships and then if they choose they reach out to us for their yearly matching portion. For help finding a local Lodge, please call the Foundation at (800) 994-7400.

You can access the form through this website under the programs tab, scholarships, and click to be directed to the secretary’s portal on the Grand Lodge website. They are accessed there because all matching funds must be endorsed by a Michigan Lodge. Or it can be emailed/mailed to you by contacting the Foundation at (800) 994-7400 or email

Matching funds scholarships are intended for non-Mason high school seniors/college undergraduates. We do have a program called Educational Assistance for Master Masons that you should look into for scholarship assistance. Find it under our Membership Support tab.

Please contact the Foundation directly at (800) 994-7400 or email

Please contact the Foundation so that we can look into the issue together. Call (800) 994-7400 or email

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